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Through Inspired Eyes: You're Worthy of More!

Oct 28, 2022

How can you implement mindfulness into your world? Try starting with travel. Finlay Bressler, President of Terra & Tu, saw the power of mindfulness in mental health practices, reflected on his own travels and how those allowed the experience that is so helpful to our mental wellness. Terra & Tu is broadening the scope...

Oct 21, 2022

Are you living in the frequency of love? Christelle Chopard, Founder of The Dharmi Method, works with the five elements to understand imbalance. She then accompanies her clients on their journey to trust themselves and live in the frequency they desire. 

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Oct 14, 2022

Set an intention and prepare for time in the bamboo labyrinth, a place to release the outside world, follow the river stones, and be with yourself. Welcome to Half Moon Jamaica. Tanya Vassell, Spa Director, shares wisdom on taking this inner journey, the benefits of plants and herbs used at Fern Tree Spa, and how this...

Oct 7, 2022

Are you familiar with intimate wellness? Wendy Rose Berry and Eugenia Marshall, Co-Founders of conditionHER, are changemakers in the skincare and wellness world. Targeting needs of ALL women, this natural, scientifically formulated and tested product does more than they could have imagined. And it helps men, too!